Our Team

Dr Sakshi Khandelwal


In the quiet interlude between the healing touch of a doctor and the world of art, there exists a unique soul—a healer who wields both a stethoscope and a paintbrush. With a palette in hand, she transforms clinical spaces into canvases of creativity. In the hues of paint, she finds an outlet for expression beyond the medical realm, capturing the essence of both ailment and recovery. With each stroke, she navigates the delicate dance between science and art, infusing healing not only through medicine but also through the vibrant tapestry of their visual narratives. A healer in every sense, she weaves a dual legacy of health and beauty, where the realms of medicine and art harmoniously converge. 

Dr Rohan Khandelwal


In the intricate dance of healing and artistry, a compassionate doctor takes on the role of a marketing and sales maestro for a painting company led by his talented wife. Beyond the confines of the clinic, he lends his strategic expertise to showcase her creations to the world. With a stethoscope and a business acumen, he orchestrates the promotion of each masterpiece, ensuring that the canvas of their joint venture flourishes. Together, they paint a narrative of support, love, and shared dreams.