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About Us

Colour palette started as an outlet for the little inner child in me, who was creative, imaginative and wanted to paint but as life would have it, became a doctor instead. I could not find the motivation, skills and the time to do what I always wanted to! But my husband not only nurtured my hobbies, he became the source of motivation, equipped me with the skills and taught me to find time for it! He found the audience who wanted to see me paint and made sure my paintings reach the destined place, leaving me free to only paint!

We now provide landscapes, brought to life on paper in various sizes, ready to adorn your homes, offices and work spaces to make that coffee corner a little brighter and cubicle a tad less stressful! All our paintings are singular, and are exactly as they appear on our page. 

A lot of people find our paintings a great gifting solution and we ship the paintings framed, gift wrapped with personal hand written message, directly. 

We operate colour palette out of our home, in the time we find after our day jobs, providing us the contrast and balance we need, working as doctors. We work on the paintings as we share conversations, each other’s hopes and dreams and a cup of tea! We are also working on customizing works and would love to hear from you about what you want!


Here we are growing and creating art at full scale


We completed our professional education by 2022

We founded Colour Palette and started our sales


It started as an old desire to paint

Ready to bring beautiful paintings to your life?

Let's decorate our spaces with imaginative portraits and shape our creative spaces.